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Babacar NDIAYE

Babacar Ndiaye, born April 17, 1989, is an expert in business plan and financial optimization. After completing a preparatory class for high commercial studies with a scientific option at the Emmanuel d'Alzonium Institute, he joined the Clermont-Ferrand Business School where he obtained his Grande Ecole diploma.
Babacar began his career as a professor in Accounting and Management Control, before becoming a trainer. Through his experience, he noticed that entrepreneurs often had difficulty developing their business plans and having a clear, long-term vision for their business. This is why he created Performance Consulting Group, his business plan and financial optimization consulting company, which offers an innovative solution to facilitate the creation of a business plan and enable entrepreneurs to better understand the financial challenges of their activity.

Babacar is convinced that its business plan software is the ideal solution to get your business off the ground. He surrounds himself with a team of ambitious young development talents and salespeople who travel the world to offer this innovative solution and help rethink the development of the business plan for schools, banks, incubators, business structures. State as well as other structures.
Thanks to his expertise and experience, Babacar Ndiaye is the ideal partner to support entrepreneurs in the creation of their business plan and the financial optimization of their business.